Placing a strike through an image

Every so often after uploading a study you may notice that there is something wrong with some of the images/clips.  Currently we do not have the ability to delete only specific images/clips.  We do have the ability to put a red strike through them.


1. Log in to UltraLinq

2. Click on the name of the patient with the erroneous images/clips.

3. Click on one of the thumbnails, this will bring you to single view.

4. Find the image/clip you want to be ignored in the left thumbnail panel and click on it.

5. Click on the check mark over the image.



6. This will put a red mark through the thumbnail.  THIS ONLY PUTS THE RED STRIPE ON THE THUMBNAIL. 



7. If someone clicks on the thumbnail, even though it has the red stripe, they can still see the image/clip.  This mark just tells whoever is viewing this study, that this image/clip should be ignored.

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