Change Customer ID (UpLinq 2.7)

The UpLinq 2.7 software can only upload to one account at a time; however, it is possible to change that configuration.

Begin by logging into UltraLinq to find the Customer ID of the new account that should receive the exams.  You must have the "Admin Login" permission to access the Customer ID.

Navigate to the "Admin" link in the top-right corner.


Your Customer ID is a long string of letters and numbers on the left side of the Admin page. For ease of use you can highlight this text and press 'Ctrl + C' to copy. you will need this ID for the setup wizard.


Next, navigate to the following directory on your computer:

c:\ProgramData\UltraLinq\UpLinq 2.7.X

If you have had different versions of UpLinq installed in the past the the 'X' is the latest version. As per below screenshot you would navigate to c:\ProgramData\UltraLinq\UpLinq 2.7.8

Note the “ProgramData” folder is hidden by default.  To show hidden folders, please follow these instructions from Microsoft (Windows 7 or newer).

Open the "UpLinq.INI" file.

Locate the values "appID" and "customerID" Delete the text after the '=' sign.


Save your changes, and launch UpLinq.  You will now receive a prompt for the setup wizard.  On the second page of the setup wizard, you enter the Customer ID of the new account.  Complete the rest of the setup wizard as needed (you can find more information about the setup wizard via this link).

Once this is complete, UpLinq will upload to the new account.


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