Integrating with UltraLinq

UltraLinq offers several integration options for clients needing their reports transferred to a third-party application.  The Integration Module is required for all integration.  For more information regarding the Integration Module, please contact your account manager or UltraLinq Client Services.


HL7 Integration

If your application will accept an HL7 message, UltraLinq can send an ORU message which includes a preliminary or final report. All HL7 messaging requires a VPN tunnel between our data center and your server. 

UltraLinq supports the following formats/methods:

-  A textual report included with the ORU message.

-  A Base-64 encoded PDF encapsulated within the ORU message.

-  A PDF sent to an SFTP server (maintained by the client), with a file pointer included in an ORU message.

Please note UltraLinq does not accept any HL7 messaging inbound at this time.  Any values required for an exam to file must either arrive with an exams DICOM data (typically via DICOM worklist), or be entered manually within UltraLinq.

Several sample HL7 messages are attached at the bottom; however, UltraLinq typically creates a message customized ot the specifications of your vendor. 


SFTP Integration

If your application will accept a PDF file, UltraLinq can send a PDF to an SFTP server (maintained by the client).  

UltraLinq can customize the file path, and file name based on any field within populated within the UltraLinq application.

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