Adjusting the Data Rate within UpLinq 2.7

The UpLinq software processes files from their native format into JPEG and MP4 files.  This is done with an encoding tool called FFMPEG.  

There are several setting you may adjust to improve playback quality.  This is most often done if you encounter long load times for the clips, buffering, or "jerky" playback.


To adjust the settings, begin by navigating to c:\ProgramData\UltraLinq\UpLinq 2.7.


Open the "UpLinq.ini" file.  This contains all the configuration elements of the UpLinq software.


Scroll down until you reach the section titled "Compression".


The "maxDataRate" and "bufferSize" settings work in concert.  Both must be adjusted to complete the change.

The recommended value for the maxDataRate setting is "2000.

The recommended value for the bufferSize setting is "1000".  


Save your changes, and close/open UpLinq to implement the new settings.

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