"A Program Running on This Computer Is Trying to Display a Message"

The UpLinq software includes a component that runs in the background which allows for DICOM transfer from your modality.  Because this component runs as a Windows service, you may sometimes receive a flashing prompt on your taskbar.


The prompt indicates that a program is trying to display a message:


Viewing the message can temporarily lock you out of your desktop.  To eliminate this prompt:

1.  Navigate to c:\UltraLinq_DICOM.  Locate the "Firedaemon_UI" application.

2.  Launch the application.  Note you must be logged in as an administrator to access the services managed by this application.


3.  Right-click on the "UltraLinq StoreSCP" entry, and select "Edit".

4.  Click on the "Settings" tab.  Locate the "Interact with Desktop" check-box and un-check it.

5.  Hit "OK" to save your changes.



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