Deleting Exams

This article will review deleting exams from UltraLinq.  Note that no exams are ever truly deleted, rather they are hidden from view using the "Deleted" filter.  

There are two ways to delete an exam from UltraLinq:

Using the "Delete" option within UltraLinq.

1.  Begin by logging into UltraLinq.

2.  If you have the "Study Admin" permission, you will see a group of buttons underneath your search tools.

3.  Check the box next to the exam(s) that you wish to delete, and hit the "Delete" button.

4.  Hit "Save" when prompted to delete the exam.  You may un-delete the exam via these steps.


Deleting the exam via the UpLinq software.

Exams deleted within the UpLinq application will also be deleted within UltraLinq.

1.  Right-click on the exam in the UpLinq queue.

2.  Select "Delete Exam". 

3. You may un-delete the exam via these steps.  Note that if the exam did not upload completely, you will need to re-upload it to have all images/clips present.

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